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Not many may be aware that creative thinking is not only vital for survival of corporates and for the careers of executives,but that it can be easily learnt. It was Dr.Edward de bono who researched into the skills of creativity and discovered that 'Thinking' and ‘Creative Thinking' are not necessarily inherited talents but in fact can be fairly easily learnt by an individual.

The technique of Lateral thinking was thus discovered by Dr Bono and has been available for several decades across the world. These techniques are practiced in most of the Fortune 500 companies and in small and big companies all over the world. There are organizations that have set up full fledged Lateral Thinking departments to continuously generate innovative ideas,there is now an acknowledgment that merely delivering quality is not enough. The customer demands innovative products and services on a continuous basis.

In India Ravi has been a pioneer in making available his workshops on Lateral Thinking. Being South Asia's First Dr Edward De Bono certified public trainer in lateral thinking he has the unique experience of getting the technique accepted across the country His clients have reported having made innovations in significant areas of their work. Ravi is committed to his pioneering efforts to make India Inc develop the skills of innovative thinking. Ravi brings to his workshop years of work experience in private and public sectors.

Ravi's workshop will help participants think out of the box on any subject.

Creativity is not a luxury that only big organizations can afford. Creativity has become essential for any organization large or small. To learn practical creativity is possible here in India at an affordable price - an investment that can be recouped in three weeks. Results are definite and often  immediate - sometimes in the class room itself. Out of the box thinking is not the prerogative of geniuses but in fact is possible for anyone who learns the techniques of creative   thinking and diligently applies these tools .Innovation is necessary for the survival and prosperity of not  only organizations but also of individuals. Those of us who  are capable only of logical thinking or routine responses to issues are bound to be replaced by software. It  is only those who are capable of going beyond logical thinking who cannot be replaced  by computers who will in fact be highly in demand.

Published by JAICO PUBLICATIONS is now available at leading bookstores.
This book is now a best seller and has run into several prints.

His second book ‘TEN MINUTES TO CREATIVITY’ published by St Paul’s publications, Mumbai has been hailed as a path breaking book . The book guides the reader through five simple steps which when practiced and mastered could help anyone become a short story writer. The five steps are based on LATERAL THINKING.

The  U.S publishing rights  for the  book  TEN MINUTES TO CREATIVITY have been sold to American Management Enterprises and will be marketed as a book on creative  thinking for M BA students. 

His  third book YOU ONLY THINK TWICE   [Jaico] has been very well received as a rare book that examines the thinking that precedes decision making. This book has been written in the witty and insightful style that readers have  come to expect from Ravi.

His fourth book THINKING BETWEEN THE LINES [ST.PAUL’S]  has been published This is a book for the perplexed Indian with insights into critical life issues as seen through the mind of a creative person.

His fifth book ISMILE PLEASE is now available in leading book stores and on FLIPKART and AMAZON. This book is a satire on many things, events and people. Ravi is a veteran blogger and has written close to 800 blogs on a range of subjects. These are available at WWW.SULEKHA.COM

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